Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Stuff!

I'm not trying to get all caught up in materialism or brag or anything, but sometimes you just need some new stuff. Following a summer spending freeze in the Bennington house, Jeremy got a bonus at work and we were able to buy a couple of nice things for our house before reinstating our normal budget.

One thing I laughed at and said we didn't need was an Irobot Scooba. It's like a roomba (you know those robots that vacuum) except it's for mopping! Because he likes gadgets and we have over 700 square feet of hard floor now, Jeremy insisted that we needed one. He got one barely used on Ebay and it arrived last week.

I have to admit he's right. Not only is it conveinent, it cleans the floor way better than I can with a mop AND it has a little vacuum so you don't usually have to sweep before hand. You just fill it up with cleaner and turn it on and it figures out the rest. It's super smart and a little creepy has chased me around a couple of times.

We went down to North Vernon on Monday and just briefly visited the Vernon Labor Day Antique Market as it was closing up....briefly enough to end up with a new peice of furniture though! It's a pie safe that is perfect for our living room for toy storage. Nice huh?

With the except of a couple of bigger pieces (on the floor), this will be the amount of toys allowed into the living room. There used to be a small overflowing toy box here that has been moved into Tessa's room to house her dolls, babies and girly things.

The thing that drew us to that vendor in the first place were his old fashioned desk chairs. He had three so we bought them all and put one upstairs...these two are now in the living room. Aren't they cool? What can I say...I like old stuff but Mom and Mamaw would contend that I come by it honest.

Last week we went shopping with Erin who is expecting her second child in April. I'm so excited! It's been about 12 years since she shopped for baby gear so we went out on the town to browse and price.

While we were out Tessa got her first bang trim at a real salon (in the mall). I didn't have my camera but she did so good....she wouldn't talk or barely move. She sat so still in fact that they were able to french braid her hair, which they kindly did for free.

Now why won't she sit still for me every morning when I try to do her hair and she screams 'no Mommy! Daddy HELP!' I think she's wise to the fact that he doesn't care about hair bows and may free her from the torture. She even yells for him when she knows he's not here.

I also discoverd a shoe store called Aldo where I purchased a real pair of shoes. They are not pleather, plastic or rubber and did not come from Payless or Target. They are REAL leather from a real shoe store and I am now their proud owner! I feel like such a grownup.

Lastly we hit the Labor Day sales at the Edinburgh outlet mall on Saturday. They had some serious deals and the crowds were there to get them. One employee told me it was worse than black Friday.

We did the most damage at the Carter's store, which had 50% off the entire store. The line was backed up out the door and onto the sidewalk so Jeremy got a spot in line while I was brave enough to go in and grab a pile of kid's clothes.

We worked well as a team...divide and conquer! It was a long day but the whole family (even Mommy and Daddy!) got new clothes, shoes and jackets for fall and winter.

And now the shopping is over and with our abundance of new stuff we can sit back and look toward fall.

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