Thursday, September 03, 2009

In The Vault

Anyone who's been around Tessa lately knows that she loves princesses all the sudden. She saw Cinderella ONCE when I rented it during potty lockdown week, and ever since then she has noticed all the princess gear, which is everywhere!

I will admit I'm guilty of it too cause some it is so cute. I reminded myself today while shopping that no she didn't need a princess knife and fork set...yes it was me that wanted it before she did. She has princess underpants and a sippy cup as well as a little 3 inch tall mini barbie-like Sleeping Beauty that I picked up in the Target checkout, which she has not let go of (even to poop) in over a week.

Over the weekend she went to Mattie's 3rd bday party and it was a princess theme, and they had enough dress up outfits that each little girl got to be a princess...Tessa was Bella from Beauty and the Beast. She was so happy at the party she was practically shaking. A castle cake, princess color pages and she and I did a 'make your own book' using princess stickers. When they disassemble the towers of the castle cake so we could eat it, she started crying.

Like my rendition of Cinderella..pretty good huh?

It's funny that she's so into the princesses because she doesn't even know who they are or what they're about....just that they are pretty. I guess it comes natural to girls huh? I wonder at 2.5 what Charley will be freaking out over?

Being that she loves them so much I was thinking I should buy her I looked high and low. I looked at Meijer, Target, name it. After over a month of searching my helpful husband told me that Cinderella had been locked away in the Disney vault, meaning you cannot buy it in any retail store until they have a special release.

Today while shopping with Erin we asked about this at the Disney store and they confirmed by answering 'oh no you can't buy Cinderella, she's in the VAULT' (said in such a serious tone that I was wondering if there is an actual vault right there in the Greenwood mall)

Oh COME ON Disney! Why are you doing this to me? I hastily snatched up Sleeping Beauty so she can finally see what her new best friend is all about but rest assured I have means, otherwise known as Ebay! Cinderella has been purchased but is being stashed away for the long flight to Seattle to be used as bribery for good behavior.

In related news...... The Disney store had the full set of six Barbie size princesses on sale 2 for $25 through the labor day weekend. I plan to go buy the whole set and if anyone needs a Christmas present for Tessa let me know!! I'm auctioning them off!

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Anonymous said...

Over 100 copies of Cinderella available starting at $13.00...