Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family First Aid Fun

Today Jeremy and I took the kids to Erin's for about 4 hours. So you may be wondering how we chose to enjoy that long of a stretch of coveted alone time. Go out to eat? To the movies or a concert? Come back home and sleep? Make a break for it?

No, we chose to spend our Saturday in the Lawrence Library getting CPR and First Aid certified. Jeremy was certified a million years ago and I never have been, so being that we spend so much time around little kids (at church, activities, friends)...I really wanted to know what to do.

The class was 3 hours and we first did adult CPR, then child and infant. Then adult, child and infant Heimlich. We took a test and then did another class on basic first aid which was actually kind of a no brainer (no I was not the only laughing at the lame video of the guy falling down the stairs).

Presto we are both certified! I feel much better knowing the proper procedure for Charley and Tessa if they choke. And another bonus was that class let out a little early and we had time to make a trip to the Trader Joes on the north side, my favorite grocery store. Boo for there not being one closer to us, or we would shop there all the time. Yummy curried chicken and naan in my tummy :)

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cindy said...

This is great! I am proud of you both!