Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of Dance Class

Tessa has known for a couple of weeks now that she had dance clothes and shoes but today she finally got to break them out and use them....she was so excited! I told her she couldn't put on her leotard until she went potty. Never seen that girl run to pee and back so fast!

So Tessa is in the preschool class at Tippy Toes, which is 2-4 year olds. She is the youngest and smallest one, but potentially the most enthusiastic. They do 20 min of ballet, and 20 min of tap all while Mommy and little brother watch from a holding area on the sidelines.

The studio is SO cute and the class is definitely tailor made for little brains with short attention spans. They played with all kinds of little props while learning how to pliea (sp?) and shuffle step. Tessa did very well when they were working in a group and basically followed every move of the older girls. When they took turns jumping across the room that was a little harder for her....turns? standing in line? She preferred to just jump around like a monkey,

Her only meltdown came much later in the day when she had an accident in her leotard and I had to take it off. She had a full blown lay on the floor tantrum at which I told her she could choose to eat dinner or scream alone in her room...she chose dinner and that was over.

Here are some pics. Surprisingly there were only two of us with cameras and about halfway through I decided to turn my flash off cause I was annoying even myself with my paparazzi antics. Apparently the other Mommies weren't thinking strictly of their blog fodder.

She's easy to spot in the hot pink!

Today was also the first day of Wee School. It's kind of a pre pre-school class for kids Tessa's age (and parental accompaniment) at the community center, taught by our stroller aerobics instructor. It was fun...art, snack, playing, Mommy chit chat. Home for a quick lunch and nap before dance class. Tuesdays will be our busy day!


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