Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We are home and rested after our 5 day trip to Seattle. Jeremy's sister Carrie turned 40 and we had a party and mini family reunion. It was a really nice trip.
I was most worried about the long flight from Chicago to Seattle (4 hours). Tessa is old enough to have her own seat and Charley bunked with me. She took her backpack stocked with magna doodle, color wonder, toy princesses and Jeremy had a laptop with a few episodes of Elmo. She loved it! They even had a kid's meal for her, after which she took a 1.5 hour nap.

The flight home was a little harder due to a two hour delay (most of which took place on the plane) in Chicago. It was past her bedtime, we had been flying all day, we were hungry and the laptop was dead. I sat with her and did my best to keep her happy...her favorite game was making Mommy draw things on the magna doodle....elephant! baby Elephant! Mommy Elephant! Tessa with Elephant! Ah...tiring but time wasting. We finally made it home about midnight.

When we go there we had a nice afternoon at the Pike Place market (ya know where they throw the fishes) and then it was party prep time!
Tessa enjoyed hanging out with her almost-two year old cousin Zack. She's only met him once before and they made fast friends.
Friday night we went out to eat and to the casino (sans children). You can see Charley slept through the whole thing and I almost did too. Jet lag forced me to saddle up to a nice bench with my beer and people watch while the other grownups gambled. Could it be that I'm no longer up to the party life? (long time friends may contend that I never was)

At the Japanese Steakhouse everyone tried catching shrimp in their mouths. Tessa wanted to but perhaps a little more practice is required for her to catch up to Grampie and Daddy (who caught an astounding six in a row).

Because it was her birthday, Carrie got to dance for our table!

The party was on Saturday, then on Sunday we went to the Washington State Fair. After very long and tedious attempt to find parking (thank you to the house at then end of the culdesac in some random neighborhood for not towing us away) we had a great time.

Unlike the Indiana State Fair, Tessa was old enough to ride rides! I wonder if she's really grown that much in a month or maybe they were just less stringent. Either way she LOVED riding the kiddy rides. She rode mostly with her Aunt Jess and Mom-Mom while I found a place to nurse Charley. She was super happy except for her last ride which was the tilt a whirl. After that one she settled down to sit her stroller and frankly looked a little green.

Tess loves Jess
Pop (Grandpa Day) is great with babies and little guys, and Charley latched onto him all weekend.

Tessa and Zack riding in style

A great day at the fair and a great trip away from home. It was so nice to see everyone and get a change of scenery. I'm sure more pics will arise from other family members and I'll be sure to post them. Next big trip?....Thanksgiving in NYC! I'm more excited than a pig in, ahem, pig poop.

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