Thursday, September 30, 2010

The George Mystery

Tessa frequently says she is going to marry a boy named George. She says he is in her school and that they love each other and are 'going to be a family together'.

It's sweet really. I asked her why she had to marry him and she said because she wanted him to come to her house and sleep here. Makes sense...that's why alot of people get married I guess.

So today when I checked her in I looked at the class list and just as I thought, no George. I asked Miss Cindy if he was in another class and she laughed. She said George was in Tessa's 2 year old class last year and hasn't attended since last spring. Miss Cindy had no idea that Tessa had ever been 'in love' with him...but noted that he was a pretty cute kid.

Either this guy made a lasting impression or maybe absence has made her heart grow fonder? We may never know.

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TLS said...

Maybe they'll meet again in kindergarten!