Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finger Lickin'

Let's talk about food again! I wanted to do something Halloween themed with the kids but didn't have any great ideas on my own, so I picked up one of those seasonal booklets at the grocery checkout. Last week I told them to pick something to make today and they chose finger cookies.

Luckily for me these were not only fun, but pretty darn easy too! They are basically sugar cookies with some pecans (to make your fingers look extra bumpy and warty).

Have the kids roll them (like play doh snakes) and they can make them whatever size and shape they want.

Buy some pre-halved almonds and dribble in a little red food coloring, then let dry ( I did this myself WITHOUT assistance from the preschoolers)

The kids loved adding the fingernails and then I used a knife to make 'knuckles'. How cool are these? And the kids freakin' LOVED them. They said they couldn't wait to eat them so people would think they were eating real fingers.

While I was feeling culinarily inclined, I stuck a pork loin in the oven and enlisted the kid's help to make our side dish, courtesy of the Pioneer Woman herself.

These are called Crashed Potatoes and her post about it does a great job explaining and showing pictures. And I've stolen one of her pics to show how awesome they are supposed to look (and they did, I just didn't capture it!)

Mmmmm, crispy and mashy at the same time. Drool drool.

Another great kid activity for the kitchen. Give those kiddos a juice glass and let them SMASH! (but not too much or you'll ended up with mashed potatoes after all)


Marcie said...

Great post! I love seeing Joshua and Rachel as well. And I love the Pioneer Woman!

Cindy said...

Laura, you are so crafty. Keep up the good work! p.s. The fingers look gross. LOL!