Monday, September 13, 2010

You Gonna Eat That?

As always I am on the quest to be a healthy eater. If you take a look at me you might think I've failed my quest (and you'd be partially right) but I'm actually doing pretty well doing right now with a new program and 8lbs lost.

Tonight I had a chiropractic appointment and Jer and the kids tagged along so we could go out to dinner after. After two consecutive weekends in the sick bay, we could use a night out as a family. And yes my idea of a good time includes a spinal adjustment.

After some debate we ended up at Bravo Cucina Italiana. I had a delicious and healthy dish...grilled shrimp and scallops with heirloom tomatoes served over asparagus topped with a citrus garlic sauce. I was very impressed with the fresh heirloom tomatoes from a big chain restaurant, kudos Bravo!

I ordered Tessa a 'bambino salad' which was a very cute tiny salad that she enjoyed. Can I pause to ask...why don't more sit down restaurants have kid sized salads to go with their meal?

As I was enjoying my grilled seafood I couldn't help but be a little, just LITTLE bit jealous of dish the kids were sharing. It was called mac and cheese but looked more like this...

Egg noodles in a thick, creamy cheese sauce. I see my buttons popping just to look at it. This was no Kraft dinner from a blue box.

Both kids gorged themselves. Charley had a fork in one hand and rosemary bread in the other, and eventually resorted to just resting his mouth on the side of his plate and shoveling it in (a technique which also cracked him up). But I stayed strong, not a single stray bite into Mommy's mouth!

I'm not saying mine wasn't good. It was delicious, in fact. Just not quite as mmm, buttery.

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Marcie said...

I love that I can hear you talking when I read your blog. Go Charlie and Tessa! Future foodies of Sanctuary, unite!

Our kids love salad too -- we just get them a normal side salad usually and they split it.