Sunday, November 14, 2010

Singing, Baking and Sagey Soap Making

Today was such a nice Sunday. It started with me singing for the first time with our church's worship band. I really enjoyed myself and being a part of the band, leading the church in worship.

Aside from a performance here and there (at the church talent show, or the Jones Memorial Concert) it's been a looong time since I've been behind a mic. But there's something cool about this that takes the pressure off of those perfectionist PMO tendencies. This is all done in love, for the church and God's glory. So we just sang our hearts out and it was NICE! was promptly followed by a whole family nap, then a movie. During movie time Jeremy started a bubbling cauldron of pea soup on the stove (props for using last week's ham-bone) while I started a few cauldrons of my own bubbling.

This week I made No Bake Cookies. These are a simple classic that I'm sure everyone has had, and so easy...just like I like! These are by request from Jeremy. I think he's figured out that I don't usually eat the weekly cookies so whatever he or the kids want is fine with me.

I think you could call this chocolate slurry. It's melted butter, sugar, vanilla, peanut butter, oats and cocoa powder. You simmer it up and then scoop it out quick before it gets solid. It's really more like making candy than baking cookies.

Yes I gave him a cookie but he was crying cause he wanted MORE! He settled for some dried blueberries instead. By the way his new catch phrases are 'no way!' and 'go away!'...charming, really.

This bubbling cauldron was for some more soap. When I started that project my goal was to dry a bunch of rosemary and sage from our garden before frost, then make soap out of it! I made rosemary lavender soap a few weeks ago, and today I used the sage.

At first I wasn't sure how to make sage soap that didn't smell like you were washing yourself with turkey dressing. Then I noticed a lotion bottle I had that was sage and citrus. So I tried it with grapefruit and lemon extracts and was pretty happy with the result.

Tessa and I went to the Franklin antique show with Mamaw and Mamaw (Creech) on Saturday and I picked up these bell shaped candy molds. Perfect for holiday soap!

I tried to make red and green but haven't perfected my colors yet. Melting crayons is apparently an exact science
Our day ended with some of the soup (which both kids really liked), some dancing to Jack's Big Music Show videos online and then later SNL and a glass of wine with Jeremy.

I love a day that is both restful and productive at the same time, with the bonus of blessing the Lord and my church. Could I ask for much more?


phasejumper said...

A great day!

Cindy said...

I love no bake cookies. I like the shapes of your soaps. Don't think I like the pea soup. I thought you might have a video of your church debut on your blog?

Eva said...

No Bake Cookies are the best! Good choice Jer!