Monday, October 17, 2011


Sorry for my extended absence. I guess I've had blogger's block. It's not to say that there hasn't been alot happening around here, I just haven't had the inspiration or energy to sit and write about it. Plus I'm spending most evenings upstairs after we put the kids to once the computer desk becomes free from Jeremy's work day, my day is done as well.

So let's see....
-Me and Greased Lightening have been fairing pretty well. Maneuvering the house is tough, fighting my own bullheadedness is tough, and showering is a complicated endeavor entirely.

-The G's had a great time here, were a HUGE HELP and have sadly returned home. They did leave some pie and casserole in the freezer.

- Of the new fall shows I have to give major thumbs up to The New Girl and Pan Am. They are both great. I give one thumb up to 2 Broke Girls. Two thumbs down to Terra Nova and The Playboy Club.

-My foot and calf are both small and gelatinous. They freak me out.

-Fall weather has finally settled in and it is beautiful. Cool breezes, open windows.

Here are some catchup pictures....

The curlers are irrelevant to the costume. She was just letting me curl her hair. But we have Halloween costumes!

Super boy and his super dog. Well not his....Grampie's. By the way, Grampie read Charley the book "Hallowiener" so many times that he has it memorized. He can recite it on command.

Pre- church breakfast at Sophia and Tessa chose oatmeal and fruit. What a healthy girl. Jeremy and I split gyro omelet and extra crispy hashbrowns. A little less healthy. But hey, we split!

Our annual trip the pumpkin patch in Martinsville turned out with some great pictures as always. That's why we love that little farm so much. It's just a farmer's yard in the middle of the country. No crowds, lots of pumpkins, perfect picture backdrop and supporting our local farmer.

Wonder how we got this shot when I can't walk or stand? Movie magic people, you'll never know.

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