Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!

For several years now, we've had our friends the Reddicks over to Trick or Treat with us. This year we added a few more friends to the mix. The more, the merrier right?

We had a total of 9 kids, all representing Sanctuary Church, pounding the pavement of our subdivision.

We had to fuel up ahead of time of course

Mom-mom is still here. She stuck around just long enough to participate in our Halloween hijinkery (points to the person who names which TV character made up that word).

9 kids, not a single one looking at the camera. But man, they sure are cute.

These two are long time Trick or Treat partners.

Notice how no one got a picture of the gimp parked on our porch handing out candy? Oh well, I swear I was there!

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