Sunday, July 08, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Mom and Dad gave me $100 for my birthday and rather than spend it on something boring and sensible like a pair of shoes, I visited my favorite music store while we were up at the lake (that's where I've been by the way, in case you though I had given up blogging).


A Glockenspiel xylophone and a real bongo! Neither one of these are meant to be toys but fun instruments to learn. I think I've been listening to Gyote a little too much because I really really want to learn the xylophone. Plus I think it would be cool to impress the kids at the newly installed outdoor xylophone at our park. Maybe I'll even throw a hat on the ground.

Here's hoping it's not tooooo hard. I expect it to be challenging but I'm also picturing myself sitting at my xylophone zenning out when the kids are not around bugging me.

Why the bongo? Cause I had $70 left and couldn't just walk out of the store. And it's awesome. And the kids can play it....given that their hand are clean of food and they remember the rules about hitting it with a toy or something. And it's fun for dancing around and being silly. And we like being silly. And I inadvertently joined a bongo class in the Egypt exhibit at the museum one day and learned all about how to hit it just right. And it's a bongo. What else do I need to explain?

Maybe you'll find me wandering the halls with my bongo late at night like Sheldon....

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