Monday, July 09, 2012

Final NYC Narrative: All the Other Randoms

Here's where I'm going to put all the pictures of everything else we did in addition to meeting Mike, having tea at the Plaza, eating Dim Sum, going up on Jessie's Roof, walking through Central Park and seeing the 9/11 Memorial.

We also did some other stuff. I mean how much fun stuff can two adults, one (almost) kindergartener and one gimp pack into a weekend? Apparently a lot.

Jessie had recently put up a chalkboard wall in her kitchen. Handy for writing lists. And drawing unicorns.

Across the street from her apartment, Jess has a little plot in a community garden wedged between two building in an alley. It really put yesterday's endless drive through a million miles of Amish country into perspective. Not every place is Indiana.

Tessa got to be a pro at many forms of transportation. This is her first subway ride. She was utterly dumbstruck that she was riding a train underground. I was apparently doing my impression of....God knows what. 

She fell asleep not once, but twice in a taxi cab.

We rode the cross town bus and got to be experts at getting our tickets and waiting (not so) patiently at the bus stop.

After a time or two she became the queen of subway pole twirling. Not to be confused with the other kind of pole dancing.

She even hopped the Staten Island Ferry to see lady Liberty. 

We went here...

And here...

And here...

Quick...which one is real and which one is made out of Legos?

By the time we left we had made Jessie a whole artistic mural to, ahem..enjoy.

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