Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So Many Olympic Sized Questions

Friday night we let Tessa stay up 'late' with us (aka past 8:30) and watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. She even got to sleep with us which is a rare treat cause we have a strict 'everyone sleeps in their own bed' rule around here.

She was excited all week, even though she wasn't quite sure what the Olympics were. A craftier me would have made torch cupcakes with ice cream cones or rings out of paper and googled pictures of the ceremonies to explain them. But that just didn't happen.

We did have curry that night, for what that's worth.

If you've never watched something so artistic and strange as the opening ceremonies with a curious excited 5 year old, let me break it down for you....

"What's going on? When do they do flips? Who are all these people? Why is there so much green grass? It's so beautiful, I want to live there. What's happening now? Who are all those people? Why is the grass going away? Are they fancy people? Do they  live in England? Have you ever seen a room covered in gold? Are they going to show something covered in gold? Why is there so much smoke now? Who is that singing? Why are they singing? What's happening now? Is that the queen? Is she fancy? Why is she wearing pink? Is that her favorite color? Why does she look so bored? Where is the princess...she is prettier than the queen. Who is the guy playing the piano? Why is he so funny? He makes funny faces like Mommy. What's happening now? There are KIDS in BEDS!....I'm a kid in bed too!! But what's all that scary stuff? I don't like this. Why are they having bad dreams? They should pray for good dreams. Why are there so many Mary Poppins? This music is loud. Why are they wearing so many colors? When to they race and do flips? Are these the same people that race and do flips? Who is going to win? I'm bored......"

Yeah so when it came time for the parade of nations, we made it to about Angola.


Susan/Jackdaws said...

LOL. This sounds just like Jonathan when we watched it. Side note never watch Titanic with a 5 year old. Jonathan watched the end when it was sinking and asked about 500 questions.

Also trying to explain some of these sports that are not so common is difficult when you really don't understand all of the rules yourself.

Jersey Mama said...

Ha! That's exactly what the Boogie would've said had she been watching.