Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saturday on the Prairie

Saturday we joined Mom and Andy and the boys at Conner Prairie. It really was an awesome day. Great weather, well behaved kids, picnic food, no crowds or school groups. And did I mention nice weather? I mean like 85 and overcast....SUCH an awesome break in the heat!

Conner Prairie is a living museum of with a 'operational' town from 1836 as well as lot of people in period costume playing the part. They have opened a new civil war section as well which is pretty cool. There are really animals there, some of them being trained in the old fashioned methods (like oxen) and others being used for their goods (like chickens).

Mom has taken her 4th grader there every year since the dawn of time, and may have earned a designation as honorary employee. Therefore, she's a pretty good lady to go with.

Since there were no crowds, the townspeople seemed extra friendly with the kids. The carpenter and blacksmith were especially talkative. They even let the kids try using some of their equipment, which I don't think they normally do. 

Makes me wish we had a tool shed where the kids could really build stuff and work with their hands. Make that a barn so we have room for a couple animals and Jeremy's home fireworks business. Eh, maybe someday. 

We spent alot of time in the petting barn. 

This is the anatomy of a photo when 5 cousins are involved.  

All of the kids were mesmerized by the potter making mugs. They were so silent you could have heard a pin drop, and later in the day they wanted to go back and see him again.

All Charley needs is a lump of clay. 

Mom in her natural habitat.

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