Saturday, June 23, 2012

New York Narrative 2: Tea at the Plaza

When we were planning our weekend in NYC with Jess, the goal was always to do things that would be fun for us but mostly for Tessa. This was her first trip traveling alone with me as a big girl after all. No stroller required. Heck she even rolled her own suitcase.

So months ago Jess suggested having high tea that Plaza hotel and we definitely agreed that that should be our utmost goal for the weekend.

We got all gussied up and happened to wear black and white on accident. Seriously, this wasn't planned at all. But didn't we LOOK coordinated? Then we headed to the plaza hotel, a beautiful icon right across from Central Park, where celebs have tead (tead? not a word apparently) for years, including Eloise herself.

Beautiful and very fancy, just what Tessa had dreamed about. Fancy fancy fancy.

I had bought Tessa some bright pink lipstick for dance recital and she insisted we bring it along, along with her sparkly nail polish and hair bows. The fancy gold purse was a hand me down from Jess, and the fancy sandals a gift from me for being such a good traveler.

Tessa guzzled peppermint tea with LOTS of sugar and milk. Actually I think you could call it sweet milk with a splash of peppermint accent.

Our treats came on big towers like this one. Some savory stuff on the bottom like cucumber sandwiches, little tiny quiches, cute little ordervs with caviar and pickly egg salad. The Eloise tea for kids even included pink jello  (which our waitress graciously offered Tessa an extra of given her jello enthusiasm).

The tops of the towers were all delicious stuff like this...
Even though it was 3:30pm, this was enough food to pretty much serve as our dinner (filled in by some late night snacks at Jessie's apartment).

I've also come to the conclusion that food served on a tower is always more delicious. And causes less need for plate crowding. We should buy some tea towers for home.

Under the plaza there are all  kinds of shops and pictures of famous people and a little store dedicated to Eloise. Tessa had gotten the Eloise book and movie as a gift from Jess on her birthday, so she was pretty enthusiastic about it.

I didn't realize until I recently read the books that Eloise is actually kind of a brat. Like Dennis the Menace but with loads more money. Oh well, she's cute and she lived there and Tessa claimed this doll as her main souvenir from the trip.

Of all the stuff we did this was probably the most fun.I  highly recommend tea at the Plaza to anyone visiting NYC with little girls. A magic world of fanciness that we don't typically see around Indiana.

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