Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tessa's Garden Harvest

Back in March, Tessa planted three kinds of seeds that she chose from the store. Her zinnias didn't make it, her sunflowers are big and blooming and her baby carrots were ready to harvest! 

If you're thinking these carrots look small, that's cause they are the 'baby carrot' variety. You know they little stubby ones that are perfect for some ranch dip?

She  helped me pull them all, although some of them were pretty stubborn little buggers. 

It cracked me up how much pride she took in her carrots. Our neighbor kids were outside and she kept calling them over to check out the big ones. She even gave them a bundle of them after telling me she felt sorry for them...because they had no carrots in their yard. 

I'm thinking we'll eat some fresh, use some in salads and make a carrot cake to celebrate the harvest. 

Here's Tessa on the day she planted her sunflower seeds in March...

...And here they are now. These are 'mini' variety as well, hence the small head size. I guess when you're a little kid, everything's more fun when it's small like you.

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