Friday, June 08, 2012

Harvest Cake

When we harvested Tessa's carrot crop, I told her we could definitely make a carrot cake. And since we are making a baby welcome meal for our friends tonight, I made two!

Well actually I made three but there was an incident involving molten hot lava cake batter and me having to later run the self cleaning cycle on the oven but never mind that.

carrots + cuisinart
= carrot pulp

There are no pictures of the middle part of our process because lots of crazy stuff happened, mostly because my brain is not very good at math. Sometimes it's so nice to have a sister in law who is a bonafied chef and can save your ass over the phone. Thanks Jess!

Voila! Camera magic. These were flawlessly created in my spotless kitchen! Ahem.

I monogrammed them with baby carrots. B for us, M for our friends.

And I even let the kids have a piece for breakfast. When I told Charley he could have cake for breakfast, he replied "why?...we going to Mamaw Papaw's house?". Yup, he's got their number.

Here's the recipe, a pic from a cookbook that Mom emailed me. I'm not saying I followed the recipe...exactly. But I tried! 

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