Friday, June 08, 2012

Dance Recital Recap

Sunday was the big recital for the end of the dance year. Tessa was super pumped and Charley was too, except for the dancing part.

More than anything he loved his Diego costume. Whenever we mentioned recital he'd say 'yeah, I'm Diego. I'm the only Diego in my costume. Dora will wuv it!'.

TV Shows was the theme for the younger tap, and I assume you can guess what show we were. There were all kinds of cute costumes for Cat in the Hat, Elmo, Barney, etc.

Charley was center stage as the only boy in his class. The girls went on and proudly showed off their tap routine while Charley just stood there, and stood there....and stood there. After about a minute he started dancing and the crowd erupted in applause.

I couldn't tell from the wings but asked Jeremy if the audience was in fact cheering for Charley and he confirmed that they were and it was all very cute. I can't wait to see the show when we get the DVD from the dance studio.

The ballet they did was Rapunzel (a'la Disney's Tangled). Their song was that awesome folk dance song when Rapunzel and Flynn go into the village for the festival. haven't watched it 5,000 time? Oh you should, it's a cool movie.

For this dance Charley actually had to be carried onstage by our awesome dance teacher, Miss Kim. He was just too freaked out.The ballet part really is more chaotic and crazy cause it moves at a quick pace and there are people everywhere.

I don't think it was the audience that scared him but this scene backstage....

Tessa went on and danced ballet like a pro. Jeremy said you could tell she's the oldest in her class, because she had really mastered the routine. That's funny, when we were in dance class, she was always making face at herself in the mirror and playing with her shoes. Don't underestimate a five year old I guess.

Charley did join his class for the final dance and bows and got his medal. He was very proud of himself.

We were trying to get a good family shot but it was 9:30pm and the kids were wired and not having it.

Tessa and Rachel got to wear a little sparkly eyeshadow and pink lipstick. I assume by this pic they are checking to see if their eye makeup is still in place.

Another great year at Tippy Toes!

We have their professional dance pictures sitting in a bright red envelope here on the desk, waiting for my husband to scan them so I can post them online. They are pretty great. I would scan them myself except I don't know how. When it comes to computer-y things like that I'm no better than these guys....

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