Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Junior School Lunch Continued....

I'm not discriminating against kids with nut allergies (heck my own Mom is the biggest 'nut case' I know), but let me just say it's nice that in the preschool's summer program, Tessa's class no longer has a nut allergies. Because I can pack PB&J again!

Tessa is notorious for not eating her lunch at preschool because she's socializing or distracted, so trying to make really GOOD lunches that she will eat without PB&J (and also without need for heating or utensils) was becoming pretty hard.

This is a typical lunch for SWAP (summer with a purpose) that the kids are attending two mornings a week this summer. Extra juice or water, Pirate 'boobies' as Charley calls it, blueberries, PB&J and a frozen Simply Go-gurt....like regular Go-gurt minus HFC's and food dyes. And did you know if you keep them in the freezer they are still cold by lunch time or can be eaten as a popsicle?

So far they are loving SWAP. The theme this year is people and places so each week they've been learning about a new country or area. Hence the reason that they can both now do the hula and macarena.

Recently I went to the container store with Erin and we geeked out over containers until they literally kicked us out. I can't afford all of the things I wanted there but I did pick up these for school lunches. Washable, reusable baggies to use instead of ziplocs. And they are cute too!

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phasejumper said...

I would be the same way in the container store! I sewed my own reusable baggies with recycled plastic bags, they work great!