Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bennington Suburban Vineyard Part 2- Press

Primary fermentation of our grapes is done, and today Jeremy removed all the skins and contained the juice in glass carboy. 

No more 'punching the cap' or sniffing the juice. It's all closed up now in the glass with a bubbler on top to release the gasses produced by fermentation.

And now it sits for the long rest.

First he took the chunky juice with skins (aka the must) and pushed it all through a sieve. The skins are what have given the wine it's nice dark color and flavor, but now it's time for them to go before they mold and rot. By the way...the only difference between white and red wines are that red does primary fermentation with the skins on and white does not. It doesn't come from white grapes. Mind blowing I know.

Then Jeremy made a holy mess of my kitchen by filling up the carboy to exactly 6 gallons.That was his ultimate goal was to get one full carboy from our own grapevines. He was over by just a couple of cups. Remember it took more than 30 gallons of grape clusters to get us here. Holy reduction batman!

The beautiful purple skins and seeds, after their work has been done. Good job fellas.

By the way, all these years I thought the word for that glass jug was carboid. Blogger says that's not a word and Jeremy informed me that it's spelled carboy. That just sounds goofy. That sounds like a character from West Side Story.

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