Saturday, September 15, 2012

When Mommies Nap

 Daddies Cook 

 (This is called a heading...looks like a news article huh? It's supposed to help me in my flailing pursuit of becoming a real bonafied blogger by giving Google a topic to latch onto. Whatever, who  knows. I'm famous in my own mind.)

Sometimes....SOMETIMES....when Mommies go upstairs to relax and read a few pages of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer and then accidentally fall asleep for an hour and half, when they come downstairs they find that their family has been busy prepping a wonderful dinner. Sometimes.

They might find their five year old dicing up mushrooms with her safety and telling secrets like...'sshhh, Daddy let me use the big knife too!' I'm sure there was mucho supervision.

 They might find the three year old ripping up (mutilating) some spinach for sauteing.

 They might find fresh pasta drying on racks.

They might even notice that their husband found the five year old's new fancy apron, sent all the way from Mom-Mom in Colorado.

 They might see and smell a beautiful plate of chicken marsala with spinach.

 And notice that the five year old has even made up the table outside, complete with napkin triangles.

 And when after dinner the kids and Dad go out front to ride bikes while Mom does dishes, they might find themselves surprised with some fresh cookies as a thank you.

And everybody might find themselves feeling happy and blessed.


Jersey Mama said...

I wanna be a mommy at your house.

Love, Strength, Hope said...

You should take naps more often!!! Lucky you!!!