Monday, September 03, 2012

Our Garden- the Herbs and Spices Section

On one side of the house we have the grape arbor, asparagus and about a dozen tomato plants. One the side by Jeremy's office, we have herbs and spices and such. This is the section where we grew garlic earlier in the summer, with a yield of about 30 heads.

I also planted cabbage and lettuce in this section in the spring but a rogue bunny came along and ate before Jeremy had to chance to pee around the perimeter. Yes he did. And it worked.

What you're looking at in this pic is a lot of basil and some rosemary, thyme, and parsley. Also in there is a jalapeno and bell pepper plant and a cucumber vine-ing up the fence.

5 basil plants full and hardy. Just about six weeks ago I had cut these down to the ground to make copious amounts of pesto to freeze. Looks like it's time to do the same again. 

Rosemary, star of my delicious herb butter. 

Better late that never, our big cucumber plant is coming along. All the yellow flowers will eventually be cukes ready to eat. At the rate they are going up, we may be eating them out of the gutters! 

Our one jalapeno plant has us overrun at the moment. Jeremy pickled some and we made some into poppers. I think we need to eat a LOT more poppers to catch up. Every day this week...I'm mandating it! Okay, that sounds like a recipe for gastronomical distress.

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