Saturday, September 01, 2012

Stop the Presses for My Shotty Workmanship

Today I sewed Tessa nightgown. The reason it's not a dress is because it doesn't look nice enough to be seen in public. It's a nightgown.

I don't sew. Ever. My sewing kit is the kind that bachelors own for fixing their buttons. So I thought the road to how I ended up sewing a nightgown would best be explained in a bulleted list.

-- Mamaw taught us all sewing basics when we were kids, including my brother. But I'm still really bad at it. I just know how to make a sewers knot. I do not have a sewing machine because that would require me knowing how to use it.

--The Indiana forecast for this fine labor day weekend called for a gully washer all three days, so we planned for some needed indoor relaxation and laziness. Sorry about the weed jungle out their neighbors....but it's raining SO HARD. Okay actually it's Saturday night and we've only seen like 15 min of rain all day. But the point is we planned for it.

--Tessa had found a piece of fabric she had been 'sewing' on like a year ago in the junk drawer and almost begged that one of our indoor activities be sewing.

-- I had a bought a kit of fabric circles to made into yo-yos last fall when I was laid up, of which I probably made less than 20 (with my bachelor sewing kit). There's still a lot of circles to yo-yo. I figured if I start yo-yoing NOW, we may have a 3 foot strand of yo-yo garland for the Christmas tree.

(This is a yo-yo)

--Tessa did decently well making two yo-yos herself and declared it boring, but she still wanted to sew.

-- Like a month ago I had posted on facebook that my fabulous shiny bronze throw pillow had a hole and I was looking for a cool piece of fabric to patch it with. I know lots of crafty people with fabric. I'm not one of them, to be clear. 

-- Aunt Jessie sent me a whole bag of fabric scraps from NYC which begs the question...Jessie what have you been making??

-- I promptly found out that Jeremy had thrown away my fabulous bronze pillow. He doesn't really read facebook.

-- After yo-yoing was deemed boring, I sent Jeremy upstairs to get the fabric so he and Tessa could make a pillow! And I could continue yo-yoing like a machine!

-- Except we didn't have any stuffing and nobody really wanted a new pillow.

-- Then I told Jeremy to make a doll outfit! Or a dress! Or a toga!...with all of our fabulous scrap material, so that I could yo-yo like a machine!

-- He said no, that was too hard.

-- Then I declared him to be a wimp. How hard could it be?! Plus I had SO MUCH yo-yoing to complete.

-- He said no, he and Charley had a marble race to build. 

-- So I had to prove myself and made this nightgown by hand in about 30 minutes. Then I was over sewing, and everyone else was wrapped up in a movie.

-- My nightgown kicks ass. But nobody should pull on the seem too hard, and I'm not sure it can withstand the washing machine.

-- I only got two yo-yos made.

The end.


blythe said...

Sounds like a productive day was had by all! ;)

Jersey Mama said...

Peabody deems the dress to be "plitty," translated pretty. So there ya go.