Friday, August 31, 2012

Who Needs Storebought Dressup Clothes?

....When you could just raid Mom's closet?

I have never figured out before that my yellow ball-y scarf makes a perfect Rapunzel wig. Tessa did.

If you are familiar with our house and wondering where I am taking this picture from, yes I am IN the bathtub with dried off hands, trying desperately not to drop the camera. It's not that I'm so addicted to the camera that I took it into the tub with me, it's just that when Tessa started being cute I had no choice but to send her to fetch it despite my compromising position.

Okay that may show a little sign of addiction.

If you're wondering if I still bathe with my kids, the answer is yes. Yes I do. See, here's my tub companion during the fashion show.....

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