Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trying to be Pioneer Woman Again

I mean seriously, how cool is Ree Drummond? I love her in so many ways and now that we have cable, I can watch her show.

Seriously, aside from digging her recipes try reading her movie or confessions blogs sometimes. She's hilarious.

I'm pretty sure that SHE was channeling ME because I had already decide to make and freeze some compound herb butter before she featured it on her blog last week. You're welcome.

I've never made it before though, so her tutorial was super helpful.

Every year we have tons of herbs. I think we get overzealous in the spring and also forget how big the plants like rosemary and thyme get to be if you let them weather over season after season. Remember when I made rosemary soap? Yeah, I think I may be doing that again soon just to use some!

First I grabbed some herbs. Rosemary, Thyme and Parsley. There's at least 10x more than this still outside, plus some basil that regrew after the last time I made pesto. Time to make more pesto! 

After picking and destemming for a while I was like  hey....didn't I buy an herb de-stemmer at a Pampered chef party like 5 years ago? Yes, yes I did and it turned out to be super helpful today. Yay for long forgotten kitchen gadgets! 

We also have tons of jalapenos that need attention but that's not really relevent here. 

I threw all three herbs in the food processor to pulverize. Like baby food but more aromatic. 

Then I tried throwing in sticks of butter but they were too cold and the Cuisinart got all jammed up and I had to empty it out and heat up some of the butter. Meanwhile my kitchen looked like the jolly green giant  had sneezed everywhere. I bet PW doesn't have these problems. 

So I didn't cook it, just took half of it and stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it more malleable. The warm gooeyness of the nuked butter helped the other butter relax and blend in and all was fine. I added some salt as well, but sadly didn't have a lemon to zest like Ree did.

Extra herbs make a nice impromptu kitchen bouquet. Like my towel? I only have two of them but I love them so much I may have to go back to Joann's and buy more. 

So I did the roll up method that PW outlined but I also wanted to give this a try in silicone molds. I figured this would be an easier way to share them with people. If it works, I might even sell some frozen out of a cooler at our church's craft fair this fall. 

For now, I'm just testing the theory. 

Both the molded and rolled butter got stuck in the freezer. Can't wait to try it on a piece of crusty bread.

I know it looks like dog poop but it's really delicious I swear. 

Ta-da, herb BUTTA!

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