Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That's How We Roll

(I still have my camera set to super vivid until I get tired of it. Excuse the brightness of these photos. Sunglasses may be required). 

I've been playing with Tessa's hair since it was long enough to play with. I've been curling and braiding since she was two, and I think FINALLY....I've finally found the best method for a curly head of hair.

A few things are facts here. Tessa's hair is too soft and fine for curling irons and hot rollers. I've tried and tried. If I can get a curl it only lasts for a couple hours, even with massive hair spray. Another things is that her hair is super straight. It has no curl on it's own.

The girl also hates ponytails for some reason. She will not allow them to happen, which is why you may notice she is never wearing one....even when it would really be much more convenient for Mom. After a couple of years of super short bobs, she has asked to grown out her hair a little longer and has been slowly working on that. And yet, still no ponytails or braids. So to keep her from looking like a tangled ragamuffin, daily styling is required.

Lastly, no 5 year old really NEEDS to have perfectly styled hair. It's all for fun really.

So I've learned this method through trial and error and also from a couple of hair-savvy friends.

The first thing I figured out is that the hair strand needs to be heavily doused with hair gel or mousse. Not hair spray, but something stickier than hardens over night. The second tip is that the strand should be twisted and then rolled. If it's just rolled it will still look nice,  but more fluffy than curly.

I also figured to keep the curlers in symmetric rows. I used to do them more haphazardly and she would have big holes and bumps in the back of her head. I picture my hair dresser back in the 80's and 90's, rolling lady's perms in perfectly symmetric even rows. Minus the stinky chemicals.

The MOST important thing is a tight head wrap. One that especially covers all the curlers on the side that will get laid on as she sleeps. This one is actually a Goody brand hair wrap but a scarf would be fine. As long as it's tight tight tight.

Tessa's is a light sleeper and if I wrap it well, it doesn't seem to bother her at night.

Then sleep! 

In the morning the curls will be Shirley Temple tight, but a good shake and spray puts everything in place. Because of all the product used the night before, very little is required once the curlers come out. 

This is what she looked like before Kindergarten, and it lasted all day. She looked pretty much the same when I picked her up from school. And it's something fun for her. She asked to do it again tonight. I think she likes our 'girly time' in the evening. 

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