Monday, August 20, 2012

Fwip An Jump!

That's what Charley calls his new gymnastics class...fwip and jump cwass. In his defense, gymnastics is kind of a hard word to say.

Today was his first day. It's a 9am class, so we dropped Tessa off and headed directly over there with lots of time to spare. He was so excited.

As much fun as we had putting him in ballet and tap with Tessa last year, I think this year he's just going to do gymnastics to burn off some of that 3 year old boy energy. Plus it's during school hours so it's something he can do special. Plus he won't have to deal with that nagging stage fright of recital (which at least made for a pretty hilarious video). Plus, we're not rich enough to afford both so we had to choose.

You'll see from the pics that he is once again the only boy in a sea of girls, due to a misunderstanding over the posted schedule. But that's okay. He didn't notice and the teachers didn't care. One of these days he going to be quite the dancing ladies man. 

The teacher helped them with doing cartwheels. 

And there were a bunch of balance beams at different heights. He did good jumping over the stuffed animals and not losing his balance. Mommy would have been hosed. 

I think I need to find out where you buy boy's gymnastics apparel. 

See him 'sticking' his landing after jumping on the trampoline?  He was having so much fun doing this stuff, he kept fist pumping and smiling at me. I knew right away this was a good choice for him. 

They ended class on this big climbing structure and ball pit. Then he promptly burst into tears because class was over. 

One cool thing about this place is that they have open 'free play' hours 6 days a week, and the cost is included in what we already pay for tuition. And even Tessa can join in at free play since she is a sibling. I'm looking forward to that, especially when cold weather comes along. So much for Bouncer Town, we found our new play place!

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