Saturday, August 11, 2012

State Fairing with My Guy

Yesterday Charley and I went on our first major adventure without Tessa, who was happily enjoying her Friday activities of chapel and music class at Kindergarten.

It was nice to do something one on one with Charley because that honestly never happens, and I think he really enjoyed it too. I thought Tessa might be kind of honked off to learn that we went someplace cool without her but when I reminded her how she got to do cool stuff all week at school she kinda got that. She was intrigued by the roller coaster riding though.

Really the only reason I'm not an avid state fair goer every year is because it's just so flippidy floppin hot in the month of August. But after some freak rainstorms Thursday night, Friday's weather was cool and overcast. Only in the 70's. A shocking turn of events for our weather that we couldn't help take advantage of.

I think we should always hold the state fair during cooler temperatures. A petition to move it to October?

It randomly happened to be Purdue day at the fair. There was even a guy trying to get people to sing Hail Purdue on camera. After my years spent in PMO, I could sing Hail Purdue backwards in my sleep....but I didn't really want to be videoed. So I pretended not to hear his pleas (after I had mentioned my PMO background, my mistake) 

We got there shortly after 9am and the only thing Charley could think about what post-breakfast hot dog. 9am hot dog? Sure why not, it's the state fair! 

This is a really cool bridge built by the boy scouts. Charley dug it. 

Charley rode a pony named Hank, then asked me if he could fly like the My Little Ponies on tv. Um, no. 

Just some tractors at the fair.
We walked all the way down to the pioneer village (my favorite part) and petting barns, the rode the tractor shuttle all the way back to the midway. The fairgrounds is kinda big. It was a good workout for my foot. 

(This picture makes me really glad that the hairdresser came by our house this morning. I had a scraggle snaggle look going on here) 

Charley was only tall enough to ride like 4-5 rides on the whole midway, but we still bought a few tickets and had fun. He LOVED them. As much of a skeerdy- cat as he can tend to be about trying new things, the rides didn't scare him one bit. Future thrill seeker? 

I was actually a little nervous about this roller coaster (and him possible trying to jump out) until they sat him with an older boy who seemed really sweet. Riding it myself hadn't even crossed my mind  until I saw some other moms doing it. 

The race cars were by far his favorite

We were there for about 4.5 hours. Long enough to see most every thing, buy hot dog for Char and a lamb gyro for me, and find Charley some yummy chocolate ice cream at the dairy barn. We took Tessa home some kettle corn, and Jeremy some cinnamon roasted almonds. 

It was cute to see Charley telling Tessa all about his adventures at the fair. I could tell he was excited to do something special. He kept asking me to sing 'just the two of us' in the car. I think I literally sang it 17 times before I said no more. Apparently that's our new theme song.

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