Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cousins with Campfires

Saturday afternoon, the kids and I left Jeremy all alone with what was left of crush, so we could travel down to Mark's 9th birthday party on the farm.

I'm certain that one of the reasons my kids love going down to the farm is not only to play with their grandparents and cousins, but to have free range to get dirty and crazy outdoors...to a level we don't normally experience in suburbia. Let's just say that night's bath water was black.

We lit up Mamaw's campfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. I somehow got dubbed the official assembler of food on a stick. First tip, never touch the stick with your hand, you'll regret it. 

The birthday boy, age 9....but he looks more like 12 doesn't he? 

I'm almost certain that someone at this very moment was saying 'Charley! Don't run near the FIRE!'.  I think he finally got it after like 2 hours.

Yup, a typical family photo. Nobody is capable of looking normal all at once. 

18 month old Kevin is starting to get some awesome facial expressions.

They set up the tent that we had gotten Bob for his birthday and the kids spent the rest of the night playing in it. Tessa flipped her lid, because she's been asking to go 'camping' all summer. Maybe we need a tent for our backyard. 

I don't know who's weirder here. David sticking marshmallows in his ear or Tessa rubbing her belly while she drinks a soda.

Eight cousins in a tent. That's the whole gang, all of Mamaw's great grandkids. 

The clarity of this picture makes me think I need to buy some under eye cream.

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