Friday, August 24, 2012

Jeremy's Bday in (partial) Technicolor

Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday and we celebrated just the four of us. It was actually kind of nice to not have a bonafied party. We've been so busy lately and often ultra-social...a day to ourselves was just fine.

I got up a little earlier before school and made biscuits and bacon. Just what every birthday boy needs.

 I also made an awesome fruit salad that I couldn't eat. Did you know melons are a cross-reactive allergy food for ragweed and since I'm getting a double dose of allergens right now with my weekly injections...every time I eat melon my throat swells up? True story, and very strange. Milk is also no longer my friend, until ragweed season is over. Fascinating. Now back to Jeremy.

As a side note, we are now over run with skim milk because we get a weekly delivery and I haven't been towing the line. Anyone who wants a 1/2 gallon of it, just say the word. 

Bacon candle.

Charley and I got his car washed during the day, and after school Tessa helped me wrap presents. He had specifically requested more of the 'Llama Llama' books to read to the kids, so it was a present for everyone.

Also a book about Thomas Jefferson's experiences with wine making. 

From me and the G's,  Jeremy's big present was a two-day arms making workshop at Conner Prairie. I'm not sure what all is involved other than that you make your gun barrels using old timey methods. Plus he gets two days off work to be manly.

When it happens I'll send the camera along with him. 

I so badly wish this picture wasn't blurry. 

We went to dinner at Iaria's Italian restaurant in Indy. We haven't been there in forever and it's some of the best food around. Seriously good. I think Guy Fieri needs to pay a visit. 

Charley and I have similar reactions to having our picture taken while we're trying to eat. 

Seriously, I will stab you.

Jeremy got their clam linguine as his birthday dinner. It's seriously legendary. Extra good because it's a little spicy. Just a little...just the right amount of zing. Tessa loves it. We have a picture of her at like 2-3 years old munching on it too. Not Charley. He was all about the bread and pizza and complimentary butter crackers.

On the way home, we noticed we were going to drive right by the gymnastics studio that Charley just started going to. They have 'Fun Play' hours almost daily that we can take advantage of and we were right on time for the Thursday night hours, much to our good fortune.

The kids had SO much fun. Tessa had never been there before and she was in love. She especially loved the little zip line, after some initial hesitation.

I was trying to configure my camera for action shots and discovered a whole load of settings I didn't know I had. It only took me 2 years to figure it out.

So the remainder of pictures will be brought to you courtesy of my funky camera settings. Enjoy.

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