Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Break Day 2- Strep Throat Snickerdoodles

Today was our second official day of fall break. Our first day was spent visiting the doctor and attaining antibiotics for Tessa who had strep throat.

The good news is she is feeling much better now, so we spent the day getting back to basics. The stuff I miss when she's at kindergarten...cuddling in bed, playing toys, watching Shaun the Sheep (best show EVER, by the way), folding laundry and making cookies. The domestic life.

Our cookie jar has been either pathetically empty or filled with store bought cardboard ginger snaps for some time now, so we made snickerdoodles.

I've never made these before and never realized how super simple they are. I can throw this one in the vault of things that 'we almost always have all these ingredients for.'

It called for shortening and I was a little short...on shortening. Ba dum bump! So I did half shortening, half coconut oil. The bonus was that there was just the slightest coconut flavor to the cookies, which made them taste like a snickerdoodle macaroon. Yum. 

Charley said...'It wooks wike mashy tatoes.'

Then Charley said...'It wooks wike paw-corn!'

Then Charley made this face, rubbed his belly and said....'cookies is my fave-wit'

The kids love anything where they can roll it in sugar or some other substance. Don't worry, Tessa is out of the 24 hr contagious zone and did some extra hand scrubbing. Plus the heat in the oven and all. 

Just a tip here, if the kids want to arrange the cookies on that sheet that's fine. Just make sure to go back after them and rearrange. 

Tessa almost had it right, although a little close. 

MMMmmm...here's the recipe. But for fun do 1/2 shortening and 1/2 coconut oil!

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