Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' 2012

Last night we made it to our favorite pumpkin place just in time to catch the last bits of daylight. 

This is the place we go to every year to get pumpkins. It's just some farmers yard in Martinsville and we're always the only ones there and have free reign to have a photo session. It's a beautiful drive and excuse to go out to the country for a bit. 

The kids were excited and cold so our photo shoot was pretty quick, then we threw their coats back on. Couldn't miss those cute Halloween t-shirts!

 (If you're wondering, no I didn't use the super vivid camera setting. This is just good ol' sundown on orange pumpkins)

 How awesome is it that the pumpkin place has a litter of black kittens hanging around?

 Charley got cold and decided  he was driving home by himself. 

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