Saturday, October 06, 2012

Prezze and Persil Get a New Home

We decided it was time to move our catapillars to more permanent quarters, so they'll be ready to start their transformation!

Prezze and Persil the parsley catapillars have been growing. All they do is munch and munch and poop little green pellets all day long. Up until today they have been living in a ball jar on our kitchen sink. I love watching them every day but I figured as they get bigger it's not the most safe place for them, and definitely not an ideal place to cacoon.

 Even if you don't like bugs, you have to admit these guys are cool. They are literally doubling in size every day.

The funny thing is...the kids had bought me a butterfly garden for Mother's Day last year. I used the coupon code to mail away for my free catapillars and they never came (catapillars lost in the mail?...somebody somewhere got an unexpected delivery)

So I've had a butterfly garden randomly collecting dust in the garage. And Prezze and Persil just HAPPENED to come to us on a bundle of parsley from the garden. I mean really, it was meant to be. I have since checked our parsley plant for more worms and didn't find any, which I blame on the nearby bird feeder.

Meaning, we unknowingly saved them from horrible fate. Had they been baby spiders, this might not have played out so well for them.
I got them some new parsley and a bunch of twigs and branches for cacooning time. Being that it is getting cold outside, they will have to live in the butterfly garden rather than being released into the wild. The all knowing internet says that a temp lower than 55 degrees can kill them, and just this week we've already entered the frost zone.

I couldn't figure out where to put them that would be both safe and visible, and the butterfly garden also says not to have them too close to a window. So I chose my nightstand upstairs. Now this is what I'll wake up to each day.
I kinda wish they were more visible, but that's okay. They really like their new digs. I already saw Persil climbing on a big branch. How long until transformation? I have no idea. Stay tuned!

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