Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Fall Break Fun

Once Tessa was all better from her strep throat, we have enjoyed the rest of her fall break. No vacations or anything fancy. In fact we didn't even make it to all of the places I had planned, but that's okay. Just hanging out was nice enough

Like we went to our regular park....

And to our favorite breakfast diner....
(Notice Tessa's scoop and stab method with her biscuits and gravy? I'm telling you this kid is a genius)

We also visited the Children's museum, which we hadn't been to since like July. For us that might be a record.
I took the kids through the 'friendly hours' of the Children's Museum haunted house, meaning all the lights were on. Even though they really wanted to check it out and said they weren't scared....the nightmares later that night would prove otherwise. I should have trusted my insticts.

And yesterday we visited the 4th graders in Room 42 and had dinner with the cousins at Mamaw's house. Jeremy's been working like crazy, but we've finally got to catch up with him today. Tonight...a spook-free Halloween party with a couple of friends!

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