Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween 2013- Costumes, Carving and Smashing

While the rest of the country was recovering from Trick or Treating, we were just getting started last night (Nov. 1st). It was delayed a day due to severe weather on Halloween night, which of course turned out to be not that big a deal.

Because of the date change, trick or treating was pretty low key in our neighborhood. We could hear the football game at our local high school, which might have been why many houses were dark. But hey, they dressed up and got all was well.

This is the first year that the kids wouldn't agree to dress up as a matching duo of some kind.

Mike Wazoski and a bride....which kind of turned into a poofy haired heavily made up 80's bride.

Remember when they were the adorable Superman and Supergirl or Snow White and Dopey or Rapunzel and Flynn? Sniff sniff.

After it got dark and Trick or Treating was pretty much closed up, we smashed some pumpkins on our driveway. Just cause.
Eventhough I swept them up, I'm pretty sure they'll be pumpkin seeds in the sidewalk cracks for years.

Speaking of pumpkins, I'm pretty sure we need a new pumpkin knife cause ours sucks and I almost lost multiple fingers while trying to make Jack O' Lanterns this year.  Let's just say our household knives are SHARP and dangerous and knife wielding husband wasn't here for that part.

On Halloween night we still had fun with our friends the Reddicks, who we seems to always do Halloween activities with. They're our trick or treat buddies it would seem.

No trick or treating in the rain, just an impromptu dinner and party for the kids, where I was a loser and forgot to take a single picture.

But hey, our hosts looked pretty cool....

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