Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a pretty low key Halloween last night. Costumes, delivery pizza, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, in bed by 8. We might have hung in there longer if it weren't so COLD....the coldest Halloween in 16 years. We only lasted for a few minutes before the costumes were all covered up by coats and hats.
This was Charley's ballet costume from dance class last year. Since we already owned it, we got Tessa the purple dress and braid and voila...Flynn Rider and Rapunzel! 

I wonder how much longer they will let me dress them together, but I'm playing that card for as long as I can. There are talks of a whole family of Star Wars characters next year, including the dogs.

This braid is made out of yarn with a barrett on the end to attach with. If you're wondering who made this beautiful creation, it would be my friend Abbie and her awesome online store, Missy Prissy Bow Boutique. You've seen lots of her creations on here before! 

This is our neighbor Lonnie. He's a trip, we love him. He once gave Jeremy some wine that he had bought for $5 out the back of a car.
We had to stop mid for a wardrobe malfunction. It's hard to get the ponytail in right when you have short hair!

Before trick or treating, we carved pumpkins. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

I love love love roasted pumpkin seeds. I'm eating some right now as I type. 

Jeremy and Charley designed his blueprint before hand and then carved. Such engineers.
I told Tessa just to draw whatever she wanted and then I would cut it out. Those are supposed to be bat wings on the side of her jack o lantern face. Jeremy was tying to perfect her design and make it better and I reminded him that it was HER pumpkin, so we had to follow her plan. I think it's pretty cute.

By the way, since my husband keeps a case of glow sticks in the garage...they make for easy and bright jack o lantern lighting.

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