Friday, November 16, 2012

My Harvest Bough- Using the Yard

We're hosting Thanksgiving for our family this year and I really wanted to use some natural things to decorate with. Because it's pretty, and also free. And also creative. But I wasn't sure exactly how or if it would look any good.

So I am VERY pleased with the garland I made...which I am calling our Harvest Bough. At first I wasn't sure how it would hold together until I remembered the huge branches of grapevine outside, ready to be trimmed down. A perfect foundation.

Last year Jeremy made a huge 7 foot cross out of our grapevine cuttings. If  you get it a just the right time it's nice and moldable, then stayed in place forever as it dries. I think he's already taken requests for a few more of these this year....

Back to the current project. We have a hydrangea tree in the front (yes I said tree, different than a hydrangea bush) which gives us these nice dried flower bundles each year.

The cool thing is that like the grapevine, these hold up well over time. They are not delicate to work with so they don't fall apart, and also don't get all dark and droopy looking like some dried flowers. By the way, I didn't hang dry these or anything, this is just the way they came off the tree.

This is rafia, the only purchased part of this project, for tying and bundling. Cool stuff, super cheap, a little messy. Pronounced like mafia.

Ornamental grass from the backyard, complete with furry tassle things on top.

And a couple of berry clusters from our tree. The pink one. I don't really know what kind of tree it is. Pink. With berries.

And one huge piece of grapevine.

I bundled the grass.
Tied it up with rafia.
Then tied on the hydrangea and trimmed the excess.

Jeremy's idea for mounting it was to use the sticky 3M hooks and tighten the metal bit with plyers.It's working so far until it looses it's stickness and sends my bough flying through the window.

 I did about half of it on the counter, then had to finish it while hanging.

 Don't be intimidated the hotness of my red hooded sweatshirt.

Best shirt ever, by the way. There are holes for the thumbs.  

 So I kept bundling and tying and bundling and tying all the way across. I had the glue gun on standby just in case, but never needed it.

Ta-da! I think I might leave this one even after Turkey Day...which sparked this conversation. 

Me: I think we should leave this bad boy up for Christmas.
Jer: But we always hang those poinsettia lights on the mantel. 
Me: You mean the cheap plastic greenery with plastic poinsettia flowers lights?
Jer: Yeah
Me: Instead of this beautiful, natural handmade creation that uses no electricity that I slaved over for two days?!?
Jer: Uh....maybe I'll just hang the other in my office.

I also tied the hydrangea around our Thanksgiving napkins (from Target).  I think I'm going to throw some in mason jars and put them around to complete the look. It's amazing how many clusters came off our one tiny tree. I don't think I'll end up using it all.

There is rafia and grass everywhere of course. Good thing we have a trusty dusty vacuum.

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Jersey Mama said...

very pretty! good job!