Saturday, November 24, 2012

Doll Hair Salon, Don't Forget the Downy!

I've been meaning to do this project for some time now and we finally got to it...detangling those horrible matted heads of doll hair! Someone had suggested using a wig brush and special concoction of fabric softener with water.

Why the extensive measures? That question would only be asked by someone who had never played with doll hair. Its like a combination of wool and straw and Bob Marley dreadlocks that no normal brush can handle.

Those little brushes that come free with the Barbie? Puh-lease.

We assembled everyone with tangled hair, which included 10 Barbies and 3 big dolls. Then I used an old hairspray bottle (properly washed out) with 1/4 cup fabric softener and water.

Rather than traipse all over town trying to locate a wig brush, I bought a hard wiry one in the pet section. We didn't have any of these because all the hair our dogs shed out are the size and color of eyelashes.

 A few sprays and brushes and the Barbies go from matted mess to sleek shine.

 Rapunzel was the hardest. Brushing her out took a good 10 minutes.

This Barbie came to the party naked but probably has the best before and after, including strategically placed thumb.

It was so encouraging to see these dolls who were afraid to face the camera suddenly come out of their shells.
The best part is that they all smell so dang good. Who doesn't love the smell of fabric softener? Even though I make my own detergent, I am guilty of buying and using copious amounts of Snuggle ONLY for the smell. Then I obsessively sniff my clothes. I've got issues.

I asked Tessa to say 'ta-da' but it looks more like she's saying....'I rule over you,  my silky haired minions!! Mwahaha!'


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Wow! great before and after pics. LOL!