Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thankful Tree...Our Best Year Yet?

I'm really happy with the aesthetic of this year's Thankful Tree. I think it looks so pretty on the piano. I added some rocks and ornamental grass from our yard. All material for this project are found right outside (minus the scrapbook paper).

We made one of these two years ago and last year too and now it's an annual tradition. We are hosting our family's big Thanksgiving meal at our house this year and I'm already thinking ahead to pretty decorations and things. The meal itself is Jeremy's wheelhouse, but as always I am his sous chef.

I may attempt to make a garland out of our grapevines and dried hydrangea clusters. I may fail miserably.

Anyway, start the tree with some big limbs from outside. The ones from our lilac bush work well and are the most accessible. Have the kids strip off the real leaves.

Then I used fall-ish scrapbook paper to cut leaves. I used the word autumnal and Jeremy said it's not a word. Really? And fall-ish is? Let's trust the family writer, shall we? Jeremy also thinks lettuce is spelled L-E-T-T-U-S.

Thank God for spellcheck and autocorrect.

The kids had some great thankful ideas. Tessa's were more detailed this year than ever before. Like....'I'm thankful that God made my Mommy and Daddy just for me.' On a lighter note, she also said 'chicken meat'.

I don't this picture does it justice. It's beautiful, and we have many more leaves cut out for adding more. I'm hoping I can talk my family into adding some at Thanksgiving, but we'll see. There's a slight chance they may laugh at my corny-ness. That okay, that's why I love them. And am thankful for them.

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phasejumper said...

Love it! We're doing one this year, too!