Sunday, November 25, 2012

Broccoli Strong!

In comparison to Tessa, Charley's a bit of a picky eater. That's not to say he's a chicken nugget only kinda kid (cause he wouldn't last long in this house), but he won't sit down to a bowl of olives like his sister.

Veggies are a hard one, sometimes for both kids. Maybe for ALL kids in the world? Who knows.

But one this is for sure, the kid LOVES brocolli.

His love for brocolli started about a year ago when we came up with the concept of being 'broccoli strong'. It was one of those strokes of parenting genius where your spouse looks at you and wonder did you think of THAT? In those rare instances I have to plead that only God gave me this parenting wisdom, cause I'm simply not that smart on my own.

Broccoli strong simply means the more you eat, the stronger you get...and we would test this theory by having the kids do feats of strength right there in the kitchen. Eat a brocolli tree, lift up a chair. Eat another one, lift up a bigger chair. Eat another one and do ten push ups.

Yes right in the middle of the meal. Yes is competition with each other.

They ate it up. And the broccoli. 

The best has always been to ask Charley for a broccoli hug. Ask him next chance you get. He will hug you so hard around the neck that your face starts to turn blue. And if it's been a few days since the consumption, I'll simply tell him that he's growing broccoli weak and we need to have some more soon.

It's been a while since we've actually done the feats of strength in the kitchen, but they remember it and still love to eat the trees (with butter and salt of course) cause now it's just part of their life and diet.

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