Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Doctor's Appointment

We had an exciting morning, we got to get out of the house. Yay! Tessa had her 1 week pediatrician appointment. Yes she is one week old which makes me sad :-(

In the past week she has gained a whopping 1/2 lb, so now weighs exactly 8lbs. Whoah! No wonder I am so dang hungry and thirsty all the time. She got checked head to toe and seems to be in perfect health! We are now allowed to go outside, and doctor said we can go out in public but not very often. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day and we can all take the stroller around the neighborhood!

She is still eating and sleeping very well and my number one problem is keeping up with my own appetite and avoiding low blood sugar crashes. Jer and I are going to try to come up with a bunch of high protein mini meals/snacks for me, because eating a granola bar seems to be a futile effort. Any suggestions?

:) LB


BrookZ said...

glad to hear things are going well! how is the lack of sleep, that is the only thing that people tell me once they find out we are pregnant!

snacks- hmmm
celery and peanut butter
grilled peanut butter and jelly (grilled is so much better!!)
cheese on wheat crackers
egg salad
laughing cow cheese is super good (and low WW pts if you started that already!!)
tuna/chicken salad wrapped in lettuce
freeze soup in single serve containers and reheat as you need it
fruit smoothies (just got a new recipe book for these- i will try a few out and let you know the recipes!!)

good luck!

Stephany said...

My favorite high protein training snacks for when I do runs include:
cottage cheese mixed with one chopped up hard boiled egg, cheese and crackers, cheese and deli meat roll up, bran flakes mixed with dried cranbereries, a banana and chopped walnuts with milk, triscuits with hard boiled egg slices, tomato slices or cottage cheese. Chicken salad with crackers is good too!

Keep that energy going Laura, you're doing awesome!