Friday, April 06, 2007

Not for the Squeamish!

I can honestly say so far there has been nothing about pregnancy or pregnancy anatomy that has grossed me out. I find the whole thing entirely fascinating even though I normally don't like blood, etc. I didn't even flinch when we watched the delivery of the placenta in class-- how cool to see the slab of tissue that sustained your baby for 10 months!

Anyway- when my stomach growled just below my boobs the other day, I got to wondering where everything must be positioned nowadays. And boy have things ever changed, look at this! And look at the bladder especially...with drinking about 140 oz of liquid a day it's no wonder I can't stop peeing!

What I think is almost more fascinating is the external view of the uterus. It's shocking to think of the stretchability of this organ, which is normally around the size of a fist. I'm amazed to think not only how big it has gotten, but that it has the capacity to return to normal within about 2 months of delivery. Check out this before and after!

I could go on in more detail about the coolness of the mucus plug and other things, but I don't want to gross anyone out. Just wanted to point out what amazing bodies we have. God really made a very efficient and versatile machine when he made the woman's body....I don't think any Purdue engineer could have done any better.

Happy Good Friday!

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