Friday, April 20, 2007

Mama I'm Going Home

Hello all!

Well things are going great here. Yesterday afternoon Tessa was released from the NICU and we were all moved up to the normal postpardum floor and normal nursery. She spent the night in our room which was nice because the night before I had to walk about 1.5 miles to the NICU every two hours to feed :( We had a great night! Still eating well and everyone was very sleepy.

And guess what? The doctor came in this morning and said that all of her labs have come back and she will be going home with us today! Yay!!! Praise God- her little NICU scare was really nothing at all.

We are all very excited about going home, although I have to say the staff at St. Francis have been nothing but awesome awesome. I am going to miss a couple of our nurses! Jeremy reports that there are two very confused and restless wiener dogs at home who are tired of hanging out alone....I wonder what they will think of her :)

More to come, for now some more pictures....

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BrookZ said...

She is beautiful! Congrats again! I can't wait to hear all of your stories! Glad to hear the staff rocks that makes me feel good!