Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hi everyone, this is Tessa! I thought I would write my own blog today and tell you all about the things I have been doing the last two days

I sat in a weird contraption

And then I went for a ride in it!

I met my dogs, Hayden and Rosie. They were very excited to see me.
Rosie cried for a long time but we are all better now.

Hayden loves me alot

This is my cousin Mark who came to see me today.
He brought me flowers he picked out himself.

This is my Aunt Becky. She likes to cuddle little baby girls.

This is my Mamaw and all her grandchildren-- me, Mark and Bob

Bob helped Dad build another weird contraption

Oh and here's that mommy lady
That's about all. We are doing good and I really like to eat and sleep. Bye for now!


BrookZ said...

Laura- You look great! I love the pic of Hayden in your lap with Tessa (beautiful name by the way!), I highly doubt that Zeke will be able to sit in my lap with the baby...although there is no doubt in my mind that he will try! Cute pics!

Stephany said...

Tessa, you're such an eloquent writer!!! And that Mommy Lady and Daddy Man, are two very important and special people, you be good to them - oh and to Mamaw is one good lady to love!

L&J, so glad you are all getting settled in and adjusting. Keep the pictures coming!