Thursday, June 28, 2007

Empty Nesting

...Nest meaning our bedroom. Tessa spent her first night in her real crib last night- and not in the bassinet in our room. I was a little sad a bed time and missed her when we were all going to sleep, but we did just fine. She got up at 2 and I fed her in the nursery and she slept again until 6:30. She's starting to outgrow her bassinet and since she's only getting up once per night, it's really time.

In other seperation news Jeremy and I went on our first date Tuesday night to celebrate my birthday. We went to the Clay Terrace shopping center and ate a Kona Grill which is a seafood type restaurant. I decided to 'pump and dump' so enjoyed those forbidden things- jalapeno peppers, onions, wine and coffee...yum! We were gone for 4.5 hrs, the longest I've been away from Tessa since she was born, while my mom babysat. Apparently she only cried for a little bit at bedtime but was otherwise a good baby! Yay!

And now for a couple of random pics....

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