Monday, June 25, 2007

Thanks for a Great Birthday!

Okay my birthday is actually tomorrow (6/26) but we celebrated it yesterday with a little cookout with some friends and family. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts! We had a great time and even kept our food all WW friendly :)

We got an outdoor rocking chair from Mom and Dad which is great. I just need to paint in and put it out on our patio and Tessa and I can rock outside! Then Jeremy got me another great present- a gift certificate to a local spa! Combined with some other birthday money I recieved I think I can afford 3 one hour massages.

We had another PACE class this morning and the teacher was very happy we returned ( I guess some people have gotten scared after the first class). I was again trailing behind the bunch but was brave enough to jog for about a block- baby steps!

I forgot to post on Friday that Tessa had her 2 mo doc's appointment. She is 22 inches, almost 12 lbs and doing great. She had her first round of injections which gave her a fever for the rest of the day. But after some baby tylenol she was less grumpy and even slept until almost 6am :)

Jeremy grilled chicken and shrimp skewers

Bob made a new friend in Josh from church

We had lowfat brownies instead of cak-yum!

Dustin's kinda scared of babies :)

4 generations standing in order

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