Friday, June 08, 2007

Shopping time with Mamaw and other updates

Hi all! Yes I know it's been a long time since my last post (my apologies to the ladies at ACA who are axiously awaiting updates :)

Things are pretty good around here. Tessa and I have been walking alot, and she's had a busy week of getting out in the town. She's become pretty acustom to going places in her stroller and always seems to sleep through restaurants or shopping (which is nice for us!).

We've been planning out our summer and we have a couple of vacations lined up. At the beginning of July, Tessa and I will join Jeremy for a business trip to California- yay! I haven't been in so long. There are lots of people I want to see and restaurants I want to eat at, etc. So Tessa will have her first plane ride at 2.5 months. Then at 3.5 months she'll fly again for our family vacation in Colorado. There will about 15 of us in a big cabin- should be fun! At the end of July we're going to head up to northern IN to Gramaw and Grampaw's lake cottage. Andy, Becky and the nephews will be there as well as Mom and Dad. So we're going to have a fun summer!

BTW- I can't log into for some reason today but since I made my weight loss ticker my scale says I have lost 7.5 lbs since I joined weight watchers. Yay!

Jeremy has been in Korea all week and mom (who is now on summer break from school) came up to visit. We did lots of shopping (and by we I mean she shopped and I watched :), eating WW food and playing with baby.

And now baby things that only Grandmothers and Aunties buy.....
tiny Converse tennis shoes
(no her foot is not that big- it only fills up about half the shoe)

tiny bikinis

tiny sunglasses

and wrist rattles

And finally I'll leave you with a pic of Tessa's favorite recently aquired skill...


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Auntie Jess said...

What a rock star with those sunglasses!