Monday, June 18, 2007

PACE myself

This morning Tessa and I had our first PACE class (parents and children exercise) and oh man was it a workout! When my mom referred to it as 'mommy and me', I corrected her that it should be called 'fat ass bootcamp with strollers'. The 95 degree temperature (it was outdoors)probably had something to do with it but I was a sweaty worn out monster when I got home.

The nice thing was that the other ladies were all very nice and encouraging. You know that fat kid in PE class that could never keep up with the rest of the kids? Yeah that was me today! But unlike PE class nobody made fun of me- the encouraged! And they also swooned all over Tessa since all of their babies were many months older.

So we'll be doing this every Monday and I'm glad. The exercise I've been doing has really helped with weight loss. I can tell when I don't walk I don't lose.

For clarification my weight loss ticker above isn't total loss since Tessa was born- it's total loss since I started WW the week of Memorial Day. Since my last day of pregnancy I've lost 30lbs! So only about 10 more of it is 'baby weight'-- Unfortunately the rest of it is all mine :(


BrookZ said...

Hey where does your PACE class meet? Just so I know did you wait 6 weeks to start walking after Tessa arrived? I have moved my treadmill inside from the garage because I would have passed out from a heat stroke if I tried to walk out there! Can you send me your real email address so I can send you some WW recipes? Send it to if you want or myspace it to me! I will try to post some "bump" pics on my blog soon!!

LauraB said...

At the community center- only $3 per 1hr class! No I started walking at like 10 days pp- but not real long walks until 4-5 weeks. Aerobics started this week!-8wks pp.