Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmastime in the City

Earlier this week, I told Jeremy that I didn't care what we did this weekend as long as it was out of the house. Take me somewhere, anywhere that there are people and no iPad.

So this morning we headed to Trader's Point Creamery for their 'Christmas on the Farm' celebration. We often order milk or yogurt from them through our produce distributor, but had never been to the facility.

They had their farm store open, hay rides running, and a barn full of local vendors selling everything imaginable from felt pot holders to coffee and local grassfed bacon. We are pretty well stocked with alot of our food already coming from these places, so we didn't buy much. But it was nice to see and sample so much locally made stuff.

The kids got to see some cows and pigs which is not all that unusual of a sight in Indiana, but hey it was still fun. Next time they want to see cows up close, maybe I should send them down to my brother's farm so he can get some free child labor out of them.

There were reindeer! Okay, truth be told they were actually elk. But the kids didn't know that.

Next we stopped at Shapiro's which is an old school Jewish delicatessan downtown, where we all ordered too much food. It was a great place but given that I'm not really a fan of meats like corned beef, pastrami and brisket...I was a little out of my element. Um, baked chicken please?

By the way, Tessa hardly touched that corn dog and instead wolfed down two pieces of my complimentary rye bread. Go figure. But I can't say I wouldn't have made the same choice.

Last we went to the Eitlejorg Museum to see the annual "Jingle Rails" train exhibit. It's like a giant model train display on crack. Jeremy was in heaven.

My camera battery was dying so I took a bunch of pictures of the train exhibit as well as the stage coach and stuff downstairs, using Jeremy's phone. They are all pretty blurry so if you are wondering what the Jingle Rails display is really like, refer to this:

The kids are standing in front of a mini version of the place where you will see the Super Bowl this year, Lucas Oil Stadium. Yup, we are a world-class city baby. If only I could convince Jessie to move here.

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Marcie said...

Sounds like a great day, Laura! I'm glad you were out and about with the family.